Workshop on Hierarchical Planning (HPlan)

The workshop for Hierarchical Planning (HPlan) was founded in 2018 and is carried out every year since then at the International Conference of Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS).

Each individual workshop webpage is hosted by the respective ICAPS website. You can use the following forwards:

Please note that the workshop also has its own YouTube channel, where you find most presented papers as well as all invited talks since everything went online. We also upload some other talks related to hierarchical planning.

If you are interested in becoming a PC member of HPlan, or even you'd like to co-organize it, drop Pascal and Ron an email!

List of HPlan Publications

Please note that papers that were accepted at the workshop and simultaneously at a conference were listed on the website and in the proceedings but not included in the proceedings to prevent copyright issues. When follow-up versions were later accepted at a conference there's a note stating so.

Note that also the entire proceedings are listed.