Plan Verification in HTN Planning

In HTN planning, plans don't only need to be executable, they also need to be a refinement of the initial plan. The following systems perform that reasoning.

  • Plan Correction Approach:
  • Plan Verification in PANDA3:
    • URL: PANDA3
    • Further info: This plan verifier verifies plans just based on the plan alone. The decomposition hierarchy that produced that plan is not used (or even provided) as further input. Also note that since is part of PANDA3, the software is no longer maintained. (Its successor is PANDA-Pi, in which the verifier is not yet integrated.)
  • Plan Verification for the IPC:
    • URL: See output specification page of IPC 2020
    • Further info: This plan verifier (used by the IPC 2020) requires the applied methods leading to the plan in question as additional input. The syntax of that hierarchy output follows that of the IPC 2020 and is specified on the given webpage.